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Sx3 publishing has built a nice size catalog of quality songs and masters and throughout the years and has extensive experience and connections in the music licensing community. Through our sister company Indie Music Sync we liaise on regular basis with top music supervisors in both TV and film. We have been continually successful in placing our artists’ songs in film, TV, and ad campaigns. We do this by forging ‘real life relationships within the global music community”

Whether your band is building and developing or already blowing up or even broken up!  If you have great music we will strive to get onto the desktops and into the ears of the right people.

Additionally, Sx3 also attends all of the key music conferences such as SXSW, NMS, ASCAP Expo, Canadian Music Week and UK’s “The Great Escape”. We have developed longstanding relationships with many of the top industry professionals in the USA, Europe, and Japan. We also know the key players in the current sync industry worldwide and can work to help our artists and writers get their music into the ears of prominent music supervisors and other industry heads around the world.

Sx3 is also partners with M.O.V.E which gives our signed writers and composers additional opportunities to collaborate with other writers, producers, and on occasion with outside indie and major label recording artists. Through our partnership with M.O.V.E, Sx3 has worked with many known writers and artists from various independent and major publishing houses:

  • BMG

  • Universal Publishing

  • Warner Chappell

  • Ole

  • Sony ATV

  • Downtown Music Publishing

  • Kobalt Publishing

  • Primary Wave

Sx3 publishing is a great starting place for developing and established independent artists and songwriters. Sx3 also provides regular assistance to it’s writers and is on hand to help wherever we can. We even assist with the beginning career moves, such as pairing our artists and writers with our contacts within the performance rights organizations i.e ASCAP, SESAC, PRS and BMI.

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