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President & Owner 

Roger Gisborne is a UK native who is a 20 year veteran in the music industry. Wearing many hats with experience in all areas of music including, A&R, publishing, production, and artist management & development and as even artist and songwriter along the way he has built vast network of friends and connections worldwide. With love and passion for British Invasion music Gisborne was first signed as an by Doug Morris, Daniel Glass, and Hans Zimmer in a joint venture between Media Ventures and as a recording artist and songwriter. Gisborne’s own catalog consists heavily of Brit-rock, indie, 60s & what he calls “Soultown” music.

This catalog is heavily licensed throughout the world on all prime time and cable networks and has been featured in ad campaigns, major studio, indie films, and popular TV show theme songs. Gisborne later founded the Sound x3 label, publishing and management/artist development and has developed a growing roster of artists and a music catalog that continues to be licensed extensively. Many of the masters recorded for the label were produced and/or mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons), Mark Rains (BRMC, Death Valley Girls) and many other well established indie rock and pop producers. Gisborne always has his ear to ground and his eye on the underground up and coming emerging talent.

Label, A&R and Artist Development

Gemma from Manchester, United Kingdom whilst growing up in Mecca and epicenter of Manchester's music scene, Gemma has always had a keen ear for music and for scouting out emerging talent, she started her career in music at a young age attending events and promoting local artists in the heart of Manchester’s bustling indie scene. Utilizing her abilities and knowledge of social media platforms along with her apparent talent for finding the best up and coming artists led to her creating her own successful music blog, where she has been forming relationships and promoting artists & bands not just in the UK but worldwide.

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